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Maryellen Lurie & Associates LLC (ML&A) helps individuals and organizations to achieve success.

Clients have utilized our services for Learning & Organization Development projects ranging from individual coaching to global training initiatives.

Our 25+ years of expertise enables us to provide proven, pragmatic, and cost-effective L&OD solutions.

About Us

Our mission is to be the "provider-of-choice" for all your Learning and OD needs. To achieve this goal, we leverage the talents of our vast network of consultants and strategic alliances.

Our services include:

  • L&OD Consulting

  • HR Business Partnering

  • Training & Facilitating

  • Career Strategy Counseling

  • Executive Coaching

Our Expertise

At Maryellen Lurie & Associates LLC, we tailor our services to meet your needs and resources.

Our vast network of talent enables us to provide unparalleled expertise in the areas of human resources and organizational effectiveness.

We address today's most pressing business issues:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Employee Engagement

  • Respect in the Workplace

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Inclusion & Belonging

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Quality/Process Improvement

  • Management Skills

  • New Employee Orientation

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Career Strategy & Development

  • EEOC Compliance

  • Communication Skills

  • Talent Acquisition & Retention

Maryellen Lurie & Associates (ML&A) has extensive experience managing large-scale L&OD implementations in the U.S. and abroad. Our team is particularly adept at working with people at every level of the organization, from senior leaders to recent college hires. Our commitment to excellence is consistent, regardless of the size of your company or the scope of your project.


A mature leader is talking to his team

The top 7 Human Capital issues that keep CEOs up at night:

  • Aligning Human Capital with Business Strategy

  • Managing Change

  • Increasing Satisfaction and Engagement

  • Building Capabilities 

  • Ensuring Compliance & Consistency

  • Increasing Productivity and Improving Quality

  • Retaining Talent

Solutions for CEOs



Maryellen swiftly focused on the gaps in my resume around quantifiable metrics, business value and the overall narrative of my career, achievements, and personal brand of today and for the future.

She has a unique ability to listen to her clients’ career goals, while leveraging her vast knowledge of industry trends, to identify the critical missing pieces for a successful career search strategy. After doing a reset on my career search and resume, I had 10 interviews and three job offers within three weeks. How’s that for quantifiable metrics and business value? Be open-minded, listen, and absorb all of the knowledge Maryellen will share with you.

Michael Glicksman

Technology Transformation Leader at SANS Institute