Team gathering welcoming new employee

ML&A works with large and small companies to proactively prepare for the impact of change. If it’s too late to be proactive, don’t worry. We’re experts at jumping in to help companies manage unexpected change.

Highlights of Managing Change 

Partnered, for almost a decade, with Citigroup to update/implement a training program for new officers. This two-day, onboarding workshop provided employees with a better understanding of the company's vision, mission, strategic business goals, products and services, and operational areas.

Colleagues Working in Office

Supported MetLife's CLO, HR Group, and In-House Counsel by serving as consultants, instructional designers, and facilitators on a culture-change initiative, which was rolled out to all managers.

Served as an L&OD consultant/project manager for the Global VP of T&D at Duracell on initiatives such as leadership transformation, culture change, management development, hiring skills, mentoring, and quality improvement.

Merrill Lynch
Liaised with the CTO, HR team, and T&D team at Merrill Lynch to provide consulting/coaching on leadership, business realignment, diversity, culture change, performance management, and strategy.

Managing Change