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New employee welcomed with a handshake

Employee satisfaction is directly linked to customer satisfaction. So, if you want to thrive in today’s competitive environment, you must ensure that your team is satisfied and engaged.


ML&A takes a holistic approach to increasing employee satisfaction and engagement. Our team knows how to weave human capital strategies into the fabric of your organization.

Increase onsite and remote team engagement
Diverse audience of engaged employees at training session

CEOs need innovation, flawless execution, open communication, and commitment from their employees. They also need “discretionary effort” (the willingness of individuals to go that extra mile—even when no one is watching). This is particularly important, and challenging, if your employees work remotely. Individuals who are satisfied and engaged willingly give discretionary effort—no matter where they are.

Are you able to attract, and retain, top talent for your team?
Team leader meeting the staff

If your current employees are not satisfied and engaged, it can hurt your talent acquisition strategy. Millennials, and Gen Z jobseekers, want to work for companies that share their core values and beliefs. They use social media, networking, and online job sites (such as Glassdoor) to determine if your culture is a good fit for them. A lack of diversity, or reports of a toxic work environment, can have a devastating effect on your ability to recruit top performers.

The high cost of dissatisfied and disengaged employees 

If your employees are dissatisfied and disengaged, they may seek employment with one of your competitors. Some workers make lateral moves or, even take a cut in pay, just to escape jobs where they feel mistreated or undervalued. Even worse, disgruntled employees may opt to “quit and stay” at your company. This can kill morale and productivity throughout the workplace.

In our experience, “Companies get the culture they recognize and reward.” ML&A is committed to helping you to create a culture of excellence.

Increasing Satisfaction and Engagement

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