EEOC compliance planning workshop
The best EEOC compliance training is consistent—and ongoing.

Effective compliance workshops are highly engaging, participative, and interactive. Everyone hears the same information and agrees to comply with the same requirements. This creates a more cohesive culture and helps to reduce employer liability.​

The EEOC has determined that compliance programs, which rely on computer-based training, printed materials, or lectures from in-house counsel/HR, are less effective than workshops that engage learners. We’ve designed EEOC compliance training, and onboarding processes, for many top companies. Thousands of employees have participated in our workshops. Years later, employees tell us that they still remember our training programs, and that they were some of the best professional experiences of their careers.

Here are two of our top-rated EEOC programs:

Respect as a Business Imperative

Respect as a Business Imperative (RBI) teaches managers to create and maintain professional work environments. RBI increases awareness of the importance of complying with company policies and the spirit/letter of employment laws.


This training program uses case studies to address a broad spectrum of issues, including hiring practices, discrimination, managing a diverse workforce, accommodating people with disabilities, and the appropriate use of company computing networks such as e-mail and the Internet. The workshop is delivered as a two-hour executive overview or a half-day workshop for managers and supervisors.

Productive and Respectful Workplaces 

Productive and Respectful Workplaces (PRW) breaks down the walls that erode teamwork and decrease productivity. PRW is designed to increase awareness of the impact of sexual harassment on organizational success.


This highly engaging and interactive workshop can be delivered as a half-day or a one-day session. It is recommended for employees at every level of the organization.

Team in circle, joining hands at EEOC training

Ensuring Compliance & Consistency

The Onboarding Process
The onboarding process is a great place to introduce EEOC compliance training. Generally, this is where new hires learn about your policies and procedures. A good onboarding process also helps employees to understand the organizational structure and how their role fits into the bigger picture. It’s an ideal time to introduce (or reinforce) your mission, vision, and values.  Doing so will help you to build a strong, and consistent, corporate culture.

Bad onboarding processes are ad hoc. Training varies widely from one location to another. (It might even be non-existent for some employees, such as remote workers, part-time staff, contractors, or people in remote geographic locations.) This can be a very dangerous way to teach EEOC compliance, and it can create toxic fractures in your culture.