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One to one counseling session

Professional development is even more essential today than it was a decade ago. Employees need to build skills in the areas of emotional intelligence, coaching, mentoring, counseling, people-management, interviewing, communication (oral and written), goal setting, performance management/improvement, and compliance. “Upskilling” also increases innovation and creativity. New strategies, products, and ideas are often formed as a direct result of learning experiences.

Informal learning experience for team engagement

One of the best training programs to quickly get your managers up to speed is Managing People’s Performance. This comprehensive workshop teaches managers/supervisors how to use a seven-step process to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Topics such as setting performance standards, writing performance goals, establishing clear evaluation criteria, counseling, and coaching are covered in this two-day program. Practical application of key learning points is an integral component of the workshop.

Our strategic partner, Jeremy Francis, designed Managing People’s Performance. We think it should be mandatory for all managers and supervisors. Employees who have completed the training agree wholeheartedly.

Our L&OD consultants know how to build capabilities by creating formal and informal learning experiences. Before you reinvent the wheel, call us to see if we already have an “off-the-shelf” solution for you. If not, we will design one that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Building Capabilities 

Too many companies limit leadership training to their managers and supervisors. This hurts their ability to promote from within. Strong succession plans depend on bench strength.​

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