Career counseling discussion on phone

Do you have a career strategy? Is it aligned with your personal goals and values? Are you maximizing your talents and minimizing your development needs? Do you have an action plan? Is your personal brand a key component of your career strategy?

We frequently get calls from individuals, at every stage of their careers, who want us to counsel them on career strategy. As a result, we have decided to formally offer career counseling services to individuals--as well as organizations.

ML&A will help you to:
Career counceling discussion in person
  • Get clarity on your strengths and improvement areas

  • Identify your personal goals and values

  • Build a personal brand

  • Create targeted resumes that get interviews

  • Improve your LinkedIn profile

  • Learn to network more effectively

  • Prepare for interviews

  • Negotiate

  • Make better career decisions

  • Resign gracefully

  • Hit the ground running at your new job!

Career counseling session using video chat

Are you a recent college grad, a mid-career employee contemplating change, a seasoned executive, or a retiree looking for a ‘third act”? We’ve got you covered! As our LinkedIn recommendations reflect, we work effectively with individuals at every stage of their careers.

Career Strategy Counseling is available in-person, on the phone, or via chat. You decide how you want to connect with us. Give us a call today to learn more about why our process is so successful!

Career Strategy Counseling