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Highlights of Client Projects

Maryellen Lurie & Associates (ML&A) has extensive experience managing large-scale L&OD implementations in the U.S. and abroad. Our team is particularly adept at working with people at every level of the organization, from senior leaders to recent college hires. Our commitment to excellence is consistent, regardless of the size of your company or the scope of your project.

For over 25 years, CEOs and HR leaders have trusted us to partner with them on critical business issues. 

Client projects include:

  • Citigroup
    Partnered, for almost a decade, with Citigroup to update/implement a training program for new officers. This two-day, onboarding workshop provided employees with a better understanding of the company's vision, mission, strategic business goals, products and services, and operational areas.

  • Elsevier
    Trained/managed the US facilitation team to implement a new employee-development process for Elsevier. ML&A worked with Jeremy Francis (Rhema) and Elsevier’s senior L&OD team to tailor/deliver this performance management program.

  • MetLife
    Supported MetLife's CLO, HR Group, and In-House Counsel by serving as consultants, instructional designers, and facilitators on a culture-change initiative, which was rolled out to all managers.

  • Moogsoft, Facebook, Ryder, GSK, SANS, Pike Corporation, MacAndrews & Forbes, Merrill Lynch, and Viacom
    Coached employees at every level, from the front-line to the C-Suite.

  • HR/EEOC Compliance
    Worked with a global advertising agency to develop HR/EEOC Compliance policies, coach/counsel executives, and train the staff.

  • Oxford University Press
    Consulted with Jeremy Francis (Rhema) and the SVP/Corporate Counsel at Oxford University Press to tailor/facilitate a performance management training program.

  • Sitehands
    Created, and implemented, an employee-engagement process for Sitehands. ML&A worked with the leadership team to create a survey that had a response rate of over 90%. We provided summary reports for the managers/staff and worked with the leadership team to create an action plan.

  • Duracell
    Served as an L&OD consultant/project manager for the Global VP of T&D at Duracell on initiatives such as leadership transformation, culture change, management development, hiring skills, mentoring, and quality improvement.

  • Merrill Lynch
    Liaised with the CTO, HR team, and T&D team at Merrill Lynch to provide consulting/coaching on leadership, business realignment, diversity, culture change, performance management, and strategy.

  • Citi Cards
    Revised training materials, trained/managed facilitators, and delivered a quality-improvement program for the President, and Director of Quality, at Citi Cards.

  • BOC Edwards
    Partnered with Jeremy Francis (Rhema) to provide training/consulting services for BOC Edwards on issues such as performance-management, leadership transformation, culture change, and the assimilation of newly acquired companies.

  • Air Cruisers
    Created a 360° feedback process, coached management, and designed/delivered training for a new leadership-development process at Air Cruisers.

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