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Audiovisual Conference for training and development

Are you investing in your people? Employees who feel like you are making an investment in them are less likely to quit. Most “high potentials” see training and development as an important company benefit. These ambitious employees often crave frequent promotional opportunities. Smaller/flatter companies may not be able to provide enough career growth to satisfy them.

However, every organization can help employees to develop new skills, learn more about other functional areas, utilize their talents more effectively, take on exciting new tasks and responsibilities, find opportunities to increase job satisfaction, achieve stretch goals, and feel valued. Ongoing professional growth and development is a proven way to retain talent.

Large team of high potentials in a circle discussion

Call ML&A the next time you need:

Workshop Facilitation

Hundreds of companies hire us to facilitate their training workshops, because we excel at creating learning environments that are highly participative, engaging, and results-driven. Most corporate training professionals are certified to facilitate a variety of programs, but they can’t take a day (or more) out of their busy schedules to set up and conduct training workshops. That’s why clients frequently delegate facilitation to us. We have the luxury of being able to focus exclusively on your participants.

ML&A trainer facilitating at white board

Meeting Facilitation

Are your meetings counterproductive? Do the same people monopolize the conversation? Are attendees too bored, or afraid, to participate? Do employees seem to be confused about next steps?

L&OD consultants, who excel at group process and facilitation, can change the dynamic of your meetings. ML&A will ensure that your next meeting is inclusive, productive, and results-oriented.  

Training Implementation

Rolling out training to large groups of employees can be time-consuming, complicated, and tedious.  We have decades of experience implementing training programs globally. By delegating the implementation to us, you can free up your L&OD team for more strategic initiatives.

Training & Facilitating

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