Maryellen is the principal and founder of Maryellen Lurie & Associates LLC (ML&A). Since 1993, ML&A has provided L&OD consulting services to individuals and global Fortune 1000 clients. Areas of expertise include Management Development, Coaching, Leadership, Change Management, Personal & Professional Growth, Organizational Effectiveness, Talent Acquisition & Retention, and Compliance (Managing Lawfully, Preventing Sexual Harassment, and Creating Respectful Workplaces). Maryellen leads a team of accomplished trainers, coaches, instructional-systems designers, workshop coordinators, and consultants. ML&A excels at aligning human capital initiatives with business strategies.


In 1994, Maryellen partnered with Samuel J. Samaro, Esq. to create the training program Productive & Respectful Workplaces. Productive & Respectful Workplaces. This interactive workshop helps organizations to reduce employer liability. Clients have described it as "informative," "thought-provoking, and "highly effective."

Maryellen also designed the program Respect as a Business Imperative, which trains executives to manage within the law. Respect as a Business Imperative has been successfully delivered to thousands of managers at a leading financial services company.

Maryellen previously worked for Blessing/White as a Senior Associate in Product Management and Education. She facilitated executive-level pilots, workshops, and instructor certification programs for more than 150 client organizations, including Motorola; Procter & Gamble; The World Bank; Shell Oil; Merck & Co.; AT&T; Hewlett-Packard; SmithKline Beecham; Dow Corning; NASA; Merrill Lynch; Hallmark Cards; Royal Bank of Canada; NYSE; Anheuser-Busch; DuPont, and Metropolitan Life Insurance. She developed the Exceeding Customer Expectations workshop/train-the-trainer program and revised the Fast Start, Managing Personal Growth, and Peer Coaching programs.

Maryellen is certified to facilitate the following training programs: Interviewing Skills; Respect as a Business Imperative; Peer Coaching Feedback; Customer-Focused Goals; Peer Coaching for Individuals/Teams; Productive & Respectful Workplaces; Helping Others Succeed; Fast Start; Managing Personal Growth; Team Goals; Exceeding Customer Expectations; Job Search Planning; Six Steps to Six Sigma; Managing People's Performance; Citi Cards: The Way We Do Business; On-The-Level: Communicating About Performance.

A cum laude graduate of Montclair State University, Maryellen holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Education, English, and Speech & Theatre.

Maryellen Lurie