ML&A executive coaching in person

In a perfect world, executives would all perform at peak levels every day. In the real world, most executives need guidance, at least now and then, to consistently perform at their very best. Coaching gives executives the insights and skills that are critical to your company’s success: improving how they process information, what they do, and how they interact with others.

ML&A’s executive coaching process helps individuals to make a greater contribution to your organization. Our personal, confidential, coaching sessions help to develop/retain top performers and high potentials. Individuals learn to create a better balance between work and family, transition into leadership roles, manage change, and to increase their job satisfaction and productivity.

ML&A executive coaching by video chat
For your organization, the benefits are:
  • Higher retention rates for high performers

  • Alignment of individual goals with organizational strategies

  • Renewed commitment/engagement from employees

  • Improved productivity during times of rapid change

  • Improved succession planning

For your executives, the benefits are:
  • Clearer focus, drive, and sense of purpose—personally and professionally

  • Clarity on areas of contribution and strengths

  • Enhancement of soft skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership

  • Individual responsibility, and accountability, for developmental plans and action steps

  • An increased sense of meaning and purpose in work

  • Assimilation of a proven methodology, which enables individuals to become their own best coaches

Executive Coaching