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Solutions for CEOs

In a recent survey, CEOs identified 7 human capital issues that are most critical to the success of their organizations. These issues did not come as a surprise to us at ML&A. Our team has been working with senior leaders for more than 25 years to develop custom solutions for issues that keep them up at night.

Top 7 Human Capital Issues and ML&A’s Solutions

Go Team

Are your human capital initiatives designed to achieve business objectives? Do employees return from training feeling confident, knowledgeable, and inspired? Have you noticed changes in behavior, improved performance, and increased productivity?

Team gathering welcoming new employee

Mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, IPO’s, litigation, and shakeups in leadership are just a few of the changes that can throw your organization into a tizzy!


Diverse audience of engaged employees at training session

Our custom, employee-engagement survey will help you to determine whether or not your employees are engaged. More importantly, we know what to do to increase engagement and job satisfaction. 


Facilitator in front of team, using whiteboard

Are you confident that your employees have the necessary skills and training to perform in their jobs? To outperform the competition, companies need to develop leaders at every level of the organization.  


U S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission logo

How do you teach EEOC compliance? Are you sending clear and consistent messages across your organization? Is your compliance training highly interactive, participative, and effective?


Team using sticky notes in planning session

How well are your teams working together? Are they cooperating, or are they competing against each other and working at cross-purposes?


High potential employees high five each other

Are you investing in your people? Employees who feel like you are making an investment in them are less likely to quit.



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