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Most “high potentials” see training and development as an important company benefit. These ambitious employees often crave frequent promotional opportunities. Smaller/flatter companies may not be able to provide enough career growth to satisfy them.

However, every organization can help employees to develop new skills, learn more about other functional areas, utilize their talents more effectively, take on exciting new tasks and responsibilities, find opportunities to increase job satisfaction, achieve stretch goals, and feel valued.

Video remote coaching session for career development

ML&A has created Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership Development programs to teach managers how to create continuous learning environments. Ongoing personal growth and development is a proven way to retain talent.

Creating a Career Strategy

Does every employee in your organization have a career development plan? If not, you are at risk of losing them. We often get calls from employees who want us to counsel them on career strategy, their resumes, or their LinkedIn profiles.

​We encourage them to speak with their managers about retaining one of our career strategy coaches. Too frequently, they follow up with us to say that their company won’t pay for coaches or that their manager referred them to HR. Inevitably, these employees leave the company within a year.

One-to-one coaching career development

The most cost-effective way to retain valued employees is to ensure that each person has a career development plan. This plan should be reviewed on a quarterly basis with their manager. Based on our experience, too many people lack the skills and experience to do this on their own. They need a process.

Training employees and managers to have conversations about career opportunities and professional development is invaluable. So, we created a career development process for them. Call us, before one of your high potentials asks us how to write a letter of resignation.

Retaining Talent

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