Lively discussion at a Practical Approach to Quality session

In our experience, many employees are unclear about how their work impacts other functional areas and, ultimately, the success of the organization. One of the programs we’ve used to increase productivity and improve quality is A Practical Approach to Quality. In addition to being a great way to improve quality, it is a terrific team building process.

A Practical Approach to Quality provides people with easy-to-use tools to eliminate errors and reduce cycle time in all of their processes.

Participants engage in hands-on, interactive exercises designed to:

Business executive showing ML&A consultant the facility
  • Help them identify their internal and external customers

  • Describe the products/services they provide to their customers

  • Use a process flow chart to illustrate their processes

  • Identify cycle time and improvement opportunities in their processes

  • Identify defects in their processes and opportunities to eliminate or reduce defects

  • Describe how they can personally contribute to improving quality

This two-day course has been successfully implemented in both manufacturing and service organizations.

Having a greater understanding of roles and responsibilities builds confidence, increases productivity, and improves quality. ML&A’s trainers can help your employees to do the right things, at the right time, in the right way.

Increasing Productivity and Improving Quality