About Maryellen Lurie & Associates

Our mission is to be the "provider-of-choice" for all your Learning and OD needs. To achieve this goal, we leverage the talents of our vast network of consultants and strategic alliances. We scale our L&OD team, on-demand, so you don’t have to scale yours.

Our services include:
Woman leader is conducting L&OD training meeting

Are your human capital initiatives aligned with your business strategies? Are you taking full advantage of grants and free training opportunities in your community? ML&A has worked with hundreds of companies to design L&OD initiatives that achieve business results.

Team is meeting to discuss HR partnering with ML&A

Changing times call for creative solutions. Regardless of whether you manage a small business or a Fortune 100 company, there are times when it’s necessary to supplement your HR function. ML&A provides senior-level, on-demand, HR Business Partners to help you thrive in a constantly changing business environment.

Large team of high potentials in a circle discussion

Are you investing in your people? When employees feel like you’re making an investment in them, they are less likely to leave. “High Potentials” regard training and development as an important company benefit. ML&A has decades of experience consulting with some of the best corporate universities in the world. So, we know what works!

ML&A counseler conducting video interview

Do you have a career strategy? Is it aligned with your personal goals and values? Are you maximizing your talents and minimizing your development needs? Do you have a career action plan? ML&A helps individuals, and organizations, take a more strategic approach to career growth.

ML&A trainer coaching an executive

In a perfect world, executives would perform at peak levels every day. In the real world, most people need guidance, at least now and then, to consistently achieve results. ML&A’s executive coaching process helps leaders to achieve peak performance.